The Pig on the Hill by John Kelly

pig on the hill

The Pig on the Hill
John Kelly
Cameron Company, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-937359-39-3
FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: Preschool4 Stars

There once was a pig who lived on a hill. Everything was peaceful and quiet. Then one day a duck came to check out the view. Pig was a bit annoyed. But soon Duck left. Only, he came back…and built a house on the hill next door. Life wasn’t so peaceful anymore. Duck likes adventures, parties, and things that generally are loud. Pig doesn’t like it…but he does want to be a good neighbor. So he helps where he can. And in turn Duck tries to help Pig realize how fun life can be. However, one day Duck invites Pig to a party. Pig doesn’t like crowds, so he declines the invitation. The party is loud. The party is long. Eventually Pig can’t stand it and goes over and asks Duck and his guests to be quiet. The next day Pig feels bad and wants to apologize. But Duck is nowhere to be found. Pig feels bad for stopping his party. Eventually everything gets worked out…and at the end of the story Pig shows Duck just how good of a friend Duck really is.

This is a fun story about friendship. And about how friendship is a bit of give and a bit of take. I like the exaggerated illustration of Pig’s hill…and Duck’s hill. The improbability of either one living on top of a “hill” like that just makes the story all the more hilarious. Add a Pig and a Duck in some clothes and the illustrations in this book is almost as funny as Duck is. And that doesn’t even go over all the fun details that are in the houses. Duck has a swimming pool, a slide, and a satellite dish. When I read this to my nephew for the first time he just drank in all the fun details in the story and in the illustrations. He laughed at the end…and we had the opportunity to talk about what migration was (fun little science moment). Basically this is a fun book that kids will want to read over and over again. And…it is definitely one I will want to read in story time next year. But then again, any book that gets me to laugh out loud is one I want to share with my story time kiddos.

What to do after reading this book:
Do something nice for your friends.
Throw a party for your friends.
Go to a part and feed some ducks.
Take a dip in a swimming pool.
Plan a pretend trip to a beach…take a friend along.

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