Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

princess of glass

Princess of Glass
Jessica Day George
Bloomsbury, 2010
ISBN: 9781599904788
FORMAT: Fantasy
AGES: Young Adult
4 Stars

Princess Poppy (one of the 12 Dancing Princesses from Princess of the Midnight Ball) goes off to Breton to be an ambassador of sorts. While there she is determined never to dance (especially since that is what she was magically forced for years to do). As she watches everyone dance at various parties she learns quite a few things. First of all she discovers how fun and intelligent Prince Christian is. Second of all she notices that a mysterious Lady Ella (who looks suspiciously like the maid Eleanora) is acting strange and as if she is under a magic spell. And Poppy knows just how dangerous spells can be.

Once upon a time is just as magical with this second edition of George’s princess stories. I especially love Poppy. She was not only smart and observant, but she was the type of girl you would want as a friend watching your back from magical mischief. And then there was Prince Christian. Even though he felt awkward every now and then (since he was visiting another country where the king was trying to marry him off to one of the king’s young daughters), Prince Christian still held his own ground and followed his heart. I liked how there were nods to the Cinderella fairy tale, although it wasn’t so tied to it that the characters couldn’t be themselves. For example, Eleanora doesn’t have two evil step-sisters or a step-mother. Nor does everyone hate her or wish that she would stay at home amongst the cinders. But she is enough like a Cinderella with the glass slippers and the mysterious midnight disappearances that readers will recognize just what fairy tale the evil enchantments were recognizing. Readers who love fairy tales and good, strong characters will enjoy this story and the happily ever after that is sure to come with it.

Book Discussion Questions:
Many people in Breton are wary of Princess Poppy. Why would this be? Why wouldn’t they try to get to know her?
Did you agree with Poppy’s decision to not dance?
Roger and Poppy can see through Eleanora’s enchantments. Yet they are not upset with Eleanora. Why?
How did Eleanora get in such a desperate state that she would go along with what her “godmother” had planned?
The enchantments often seem wonderful, but they have dark consequences. Is that similar to real life? How?

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