Annie and Simon: The Sneeze and Other Stories by Catharine O’Neill

annie and simon the sneeze and other stories

Annie and Simon: The Sneeze and Other Stories
Catharine O’Neill
Candlewick Press, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-7636-4921-0
FORMAT: Easy Reader
AGES: Elementary School
3 Stars

Once again Annie and Simon have a few stories to share. In the first Annie decides to draw pictures of the “living things” that they see while at a lake. Of course Annie needs a bit of help with her drawings and Simon who “know[s] everything” is there to help. And speaking of help, Annie is more than willing to “help” when Simon has a sneeze, because of course that means that Simon is sick and needs to read an “appendix story” to feel better. Being the king big brother that he is, Simon lets Annie boss him around (all in the name of making him feel better) and ends up reading the story to Annie. Then there is the story of the dog Hazel and how Annie (probably) wouldn’t trade her for a cat. Or the story about Annie gathering some horse chestnuts and not wanting to share them with the squirrels.

So, basically this is yet another fun edition of happy brother/sister stories with Annie and Simon. I like how patient Simon is with Annie. He knows just how to guide her enthusiasm and creativity. And she knows just how to show how much she cares and respects her big brother. Since there are four good stories (or chapters) this is a good book for kids who have learned how to read and are ready for some more complex stories with longer and trickier sentences than a basic easy reader. Seriously, this book is a great addition to the easy reader genre. And the grownups listening to kiddos read will enjoy the stories so much they just might ask to have the kiddo read it to them again. 🙂

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