Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon


Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon
Blink, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-310-74230-2
FORMAT: Fantasy
AGES: Young Adult
Release Date: 8/20/20134 Stars

Veronica’s life is horrid. Her father disappeared when she was younger, her boyfriend just broke up with her (and apparently the whole school high school knew he was cheating on her), and her mother and soon-to-be lazy step-father want her out of the house. So when she starts seeing visions of an extremely hot guy in a kilt, she wonders if she is going crazy. Then Veronica’s best friend MacKenna decides to take Veronica with her to Scotland to take care of the cottage she inherited from her aunt. Then Vee and Kenna discover that the cottage borders a legend of a magical land named Doon. And when they are transported to Doon, Veronica discovers that the kilt clad Prince is the man of her visions. But the citizens of Doon are wary of the two foreign girls. To top it all off, something dark is trying to destroy Doon. And Veronica has no idea how to save the place that has immediately captured her heart, nor the prince who seems be teetering between hating and loving Veronica.

My inner-romantic has always loved a good musical. I can’t even tell you how many times I watched Brigadoon, one of my all-time favorites. So imagine my delight when I heard that this particular book had ties to that story. Although this novel has nods to Brigadoon (used with permission), this Doon is a little different from the musical. For starters there are touches of modern plumbing and multicultural foods. And there is a castle with a beautiful mountain vista (that of course Veronica falls in love with). The novel is told in multiple points of view: Veronica’s and MacKenna’s. Although Veronica’s story is the majority of the book. The multiple points of view are nice, because readers get to know and care about both girls (and both of their love interests). Which is not to say that they are the only characters readers will care about. Fergus the guard and Fiona are great supporting characters, with a romance of their own. In fact, the whole book is one romantic journey for those three couples. Romantic both in the traditional sense and in that the setting is one of those magically romantic settings. However, once a reader gets to the end of this book, there is going to be serious heart palpitations. Mostly because there is an emotional cliff-hanger. Which is not surprising seeing how this is to be the first in a series of four books. Seriously, if I could make the authors write any faster…I would. Because this is one of those stories that I long to read…only just the first part has been written. Can’t wait for more.

Book Discussion Questions:
Compare and contrast this story with the original Brigadoon.
Why was it so hard for Jamie to let Veronica into his life, into Doon?
Why did MacKenna do what she did at the end of the story? Was it the right choice? Why or why not?
How did Veronica’s sacrifice save Doon? What did she do that was so important?
If you were to go to Doon, what would you want to take with you? What would you wish that Doon would have when you got there?

2 thoughts on “Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

  1. Hi there I’m a big fan of your work. My question is though, will there be a sequel to the novel “Doon”!? And if so has hollywood been thinking of a feature film. That would be soo great to see this book turn into a movie! thank you Shayla

    • Hi Shayla! So I’m not actually the author of this book…but it is a great book and that is why I reviewed it. But I can happily tell you that there will be more Doon books. If you check out the official Doon Series website it will tell you that there will be three more books that will come out over the next few years. There is also a place where you can contact the authors and find loads of fun extras. The link is below. Good luck! ~Joella

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