Digital Elements in Transportation Story Time

So once again I am playing with digital elements in my story times. For this particular week I did my prezi digital literacy game (instead of a flannel board) and I did an app on my iPad that went along with the theme.

transportation books

Here are some of the “extra” books that I had on display.

transportation say it fast say it slow

Here is my main set up. I told the Little Engine book and read the other two (okay, we sang the Seals on the Bus). And of course The box is where my puppet lives. The set up for doing the actual screen bit was the same as before.

transportation digital literacy game

And here is the link to the digital literacy game that I made. I will say that the kids felt very smart when we did this one. Although I did have to mention the different sounds that the letter “C” could make in any given letter (seeing how in the word “motorcycle” it has two different sounds).

peekabook vehicles app

I also added a second “game” in the form of an app. It was this Peekaboo Vehicles app. I didn’t buy the whole version…so I just had four transportation options for story time (firetruck, police car, train, and rocket). But I felt like that was okay. I only wanted a little extra “game” and didn’t want it to take a million years. Just a moment or two. The game is basically where there is smoke/clouds on the screen so you can’t see what vehicle is there, but you can hear it. Then the kids guess what it is based on the noise they hear. My almost 2-year-old nephew loves this game (he also loves firetrucks). And it is nice because they have to think about the sound clues. Overall, I think the story time went pretty well.

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