Rocket Jumping Cups

For the transportation story time I wanted a “science experiment” that let me talk about how things “go”. So I turned to a favorite craft of mine that I call the jumping cups. I decided to do a rocket for the picture (since it went along with the transportation theme). When I first showed the kids and parents the cups, I talked about how every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Then I showed them the rubber bands on the bottom of one of the cups and how if they are pushed one way they will react…which will cause the cup to “jump”.

I also wanted to be good about not making extra trash (story time projects could do that very easily). So I wrote all the instructions up on the board instead of having them on flyers to hand out. And I just pulled out all the supplies and put them on a cart, so that they were out of the way until after story time.

rocket jumping cup instructions

Here is the rocket cup sitting on top of the other cup…so the rubber bands are just sitting there.

rocket jumping cup

Then I pushed down on the top cup…

pushing the rocket down

And off it went! Needless to say this was a favorite “experiment” about forces and motion!

flying up

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