Extremities by David Lubar


David Lubar
Tor Teen, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-7653-3460-2
FORMAT: Short Stories
AGES: Young Adult
3 Stars

This is a collection of horror short stories. I was a bit excited to read this, because I love a good short horror story that I can tell around a camp fire in the summer. But for some reason the stories didn’t really connect with me. It took way too many days for me to even get around to wanting to read more than a couple of the short stories. And they were good…just not the type that I would drink in every detail and then want to tell others about. I did like how there was  a mix of different types of teens in different situations. I liked how most of the stories really seemed plausible (which would make telling them around a camp fire a little more spooky). And I will tell teens about it. Especially the ones who want something a little darker than the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark but aren’t quite ready for Vivian Vande Veld’s All Hallows’ Eve, which has my all-time favorite spooky story to tell (it is just so freaky it’s good). Yeah, good stuff. Just not my favorite of the genre.

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