Jane Eyre

Dear Mr. Darcy,

I just watched another movie, a movie which yet again makes me wish I lived in a historical England. I loved this movie, and here is why it holds such a sway over me.

First of all, the filming was brilliant. In the first scene Jane is standing at a crossroads. There are four bits of carriage tracks going in four directions. She looks around, not knowing where to go. This is exactly like how I pictured it in my mind. Not just as a road that carriages go over. But just the hint that the four paths before her might lead somewhere. It shows that Jane is all alone, as she is running from what only those that have read the book will understand. Then the running. The camera angle almost made me dizzy as it ran along with Jane, showing just how frantic she and the whole situation is. This set the mood for the whole movie. I was thoroughly impressed.

Second, I loved the feel of the movie. I, who knew what was happening and when it would happen (thanks to reading the book multiple times), jumped. Yes that is right. I jumped. When the suspenseful bits came, I was still startled. With the camera, music, and timing of it all it still caught me by surprise. I also loved how the dozen or so gentlemen that were in the same theater also had “out loud” responses. I almost giggled when the gentlemen on the same row as me gasped at the plot. If this movie makes the guys who were dragged to the theater with their significant others respond out loud (not just at the surprising parts, but the other good bits as well), then I know that it is a good movie.

Lastly, this was a good movie because it made me think and rethink and wonder. I talked with my friend about the movie for almost an hour afterward. This is not a movie that I went to and promptly forgot. I wanted to go over bits in my head and then discuss those bits and thoughts. And I still do. All but two of my favorite parts of the book were in the movie. The feeling of the book was in the movie. The English moors were all over the movie. I cannot stop thinking about this movie.

So, dear Mr. Darcy, while I still would choose your book as the one I would wish I had while stranded on a deserted isle, please excuse me while I go and reread Jane Eyre, or the book Jane by April Lindner (which is a modern re-make of Jane Eyre). This movie has entranced me and now I must go and think about it some more.

Most of My Love,


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