Peterson Book Club: How to Train Your Dragon

My brother and sister have created a book club for all my family (especially my nieces and nephews). We have had quite a few book clubs already…and as we are getting ready for yet another one this week…I thought I would show just what kind of things we do at a Peterson Book Club. This particular one we did a few months ago. It was on the book How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell.

how to train your dragon

For the younger kids they also had an option of reading A Friend for Dragon by Dav Pilkey.

a friend for dragon

So everyone had read the book(s) when we started. Then at the beginning of the book club we talked about the book.

happy to start

This picture was taken while we were talking about the book. Can’t you just tell how excited we are to have book club?

talking about the book

These books sure are interesting.

exciting book

I tell you these book clubs are exciting! After we finished talking about the book, then we did some activities.

sleeping dragon

My brother was a “sleeping dragon” and all the kiddos had to “steal” some old plastic Easter eggs from him.

stealing dragon eggs

They had to try not to wake him up, just like in the book…

dragon is awake

But of course our “dragon” was a very light sleeper!

dragon is after everyone

Thankfully everyone did get an egg, even though our dragon woke up!

drawing lines on the dragon egg

Once they had their plastic eggs, they drew lines on them with a marker.

having fun making a dragon egg

Obviously this was more exciting then it sounded. 🙂

hot glue on dragon egg

Once they drew lines on their eggs, my sister put hot glue everywhere the lines were.

spray painting a dragon egg

Then my brother spray painted them. They got the idea to make these dragon eggs from a pin on Pinterest.

decorating a hard boiled egg

Then they decorated hard boiled eggs to eat.

decorating a egg to eat

Then there was some other “dragon” food to eat.

dragon blood to drink

There was some “dragon blood” to drink…

dragon fire to eat

and some “dragon fire” treats to sample. Plus the hard boiled eggs. These “treats” we ate while we watched the movie. Then we talked about how the movie was different than the book.

Anyway, it was all a bunch of fun. We totally love talking about books in our family!

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