Boris Gets a Lizard by Andrew Joyner

boris gets a lizard

Boris Gets a Lizard
Andrew Joyner
Scholastic, 2013
FORMAT: Easy Reader, Early Chapter Book
AGES: Elementary School
4 Stars

Boris wants a lizard…but not just any lizard, he wants to get a Komodo dragon. Even though it is a bit deadly, he thinks it will be the perfect pet. So in a series of chapters we learn more about Boris, about the Komodo dragon he wants, and how he tells his school class that they can come and visit his new pet (before he even gets the pet of course). And then we learn what he does about it when he doesn’t in fact get the dangerous pet to show off.

I like Boris. A lot. I haven’t read all of his adventures (from the book jacket I can see that there are at least three other Boris books just waiting for me to read them). But I know that he is great. In fact, I like him just as much as Henry and Mudge or Poppleton or some of those other great early reader chapter books. I think that I need to get loads more Boris books for my library, just so I can recommend him to everyone I talk to who wants a good easy reader book. I like the fact that Boris thinks the way he does (I totally laughed out loud when I saw how he “convinced” everyone he had a Komodo dragon even though he didn’t). He just seems like the type of kid (or a pig-like animal) that kids everywhere should be reading about. At least, all the kids that I recommend early readers to at my library will start to hear about him from here on out. 🙂

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