Wacky Week ~ Teen Edition

So the teen section also did Wacky Week at the library. The teens had 10 “wacky” things hidden around the teen area. They had to find 5 wacky things to get a bookmark and find all 10 to get the fun dip. So here is what we did that was wacky:

teen flyswatter

1. We had a fly swatter hidden by our teen display.

teen funny face

2. We had a funny face put on some of the spooky eyes on the teen window display.

teen globe

3. We had an upside down globe on some of the shelves.

teen old books

4. The “New” books display sign was changed to say “Old” books.

teen packing peanuts

5. There was a jar of packing peanuts on one of the shelves.

teen pop

6. There was a pop bottle with some foliage sitting on one of the shelves.

teen upside down books

7. One of our book displays had all the books turned upside down. (Except when the teens turned the books the right way again to be helpful.)

teen upside down sign

8. One of the end signs were turned upside down. However, this was also one of those that the patrons were kind enough to turn right-side up again. So we had to check on this one multiple times.

teen winers sign

9. The “Caution Miners” sign was switched around a bit to say “Caution Winers”. Which made me laugh.

tennis shoes

10. Some tennis shoes were hung in our new teen display tower.

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