Food Story Time Science Experiment

So to go along with my Food Story Time I decided to do a science experiment. Or rather, we talked about a science experiment and the kids got to look at it (there wasn’t loads of time to get this done during story time). So, even though I forgot to get my nice camera out and take pictures…here is what we did (thanks to my camera phone).

A day before story time my sister put some stalks of celery (with the bottoms cut off) into some colored water.

regular celery

Of course there was one jar that had normal (aka uncolored water) in it. Just so kids could see what the difference was.

blue celery

This is what the celery in the blue water looked like.

green celery

This is what green water did to the celery.

purple celery

This is what happened with purple water.

red celery

And some red water.

rainbow of celery

It was a rainbow of different celery and leaves. And I broke some stalks in half to show just how colorful the tubes were that took the color up to the leaves. Oh, and in case you were all wondering. I told the grownups to hold the jars and show them to the kids. And that worked pretty well, so I didn’t have to actually show everyone. Instead I did my hand stamps at the end of story time. Yeah, this science thing in story time is kinda fun. 🙂

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