Princesses on the Run by Smiljana Coh

princesses on the run

Princesses on the Run
Smiljana Coh
RP Kids, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-7624-4612-4
FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: Preschool
4 Stars

Antonia was a beautiful princess. She had everything she could ever want, being a princess and all. However, she felt bored. But being a princess she had many friends. So she called them up. But Cinderella was cleaning, Rapunzel didn’t leave her tower, Sleeping Beauty was taking a nap, and Snow White was just plain busy. But Antonia couldn’t stand it. She was bored and she finally decided to do something about it. So she started running. She ran to Rapunzel’s tower and convinced Rapunzel to run with her. Then Cinderella joined them. And Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Then some animals joined them (like the three billy goats gruff). Antonia loved the freedom she felt while she was running. Finally they all reached the sea and a lovely sunset. Then everyone turned around and went back to their homes with a fresh outlook on life. From then on out all the princesses were more apt to do things together, and they were never bored.

This is a fun twist on what it is like to be a fairy tale princess. In fact, I love the fact that Antonia takes charge of her life by doing something rather than actually just being bored. She didn’t wait for a fairy godmother or a prince to come and change her life–she did it. Also, I liked how just the act of running, exercising, made her feel better. Not stuff that she got or bought or friends or anything. It was doing something. And then all her friends decided to go along with her.

And then there are the illustrations. I love how it feels like a few textures and some colors were put together to make these pictures. Textures such as the bows on Antonia’s dress or what look like a photograph of Snow White’s dishes are combined with what look like lace doilies or brick walls for paths and castle towers. Then illustrations of the actual princesses faces or hair or trees are ever present as well. In fact, this whole set of illustrations are just one happy marriage of texture, drawing, and complementing colors (that go along with the pink and sparkly feel most young readers will love). Seriously, any little girl who loves pink and princesses will enjoy this story. And who knows, perhaps she will also learn to run or do things on her own to make her life a little less-boring. Brilliant.

What to do after reading this book:
Go for a run with your friends or family
Read some princess fairy tales
Have a dress-up party and wear your best princess dress
Watch a sunrise or a sunset
Visit with some animal friends
Get a haircut
Do some yoga
Design a new outfit to wear (out of your own clothes, or draw one on paper)

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