Reading Adventures: Dinosaur vs the Library

Our library has decided to start a new program. And I am the lucky one that gets to help with it. Basically we wanted to make sure that we had a fun program for kids in Kindergarten to 2nd grade.

For this first program I wanted to do something with the book Dinosaur vs. the Library by Bob Shea. So I first read the book to the kiddos (and we ROARED a lot while reading it). Then we made some dinosaur headbands that were like the dinosaur in the book.


Then we played a “dinosaur” version of Captain’s Orders. (Basically I had the kids run around the room over and over again until they were tired.)

roaringdinosaur headband

Then we played a “turtle” racing game. Basically the kids squatted down and held their right leg with their left hand and their left leg with their right hand. Then they had to “walk” across the room.

happy dinosaur kid

Then I gave each of them a clothespin and a pattern of some dinosaur wings. They cut out the pterodactyl wings and clipped the clothespin to it. I know that this type of dinosaur isn’t really the type of dinosaur in the book Dinosaur vs. the Library, but it was a pretty simple craft that the kids could do themselves (with little help) and fairly quickly. Plus, they really liked it.

dino glider

Then I had some googley eyes that they attached with some glue dots. Then the markers were out so they could make some nostrils. glider face

Then we flew the dinosaur gliders to a library sign to see who could get their glider the closest to the sign.

pterodactyl gliderpterodactyl glider

Seriously, it was pretty fun to throw them at “the library” across the room.

So, it was only an hour long program. But I was pretty happy that we had so many kiddos who had fun reading a book together and doing activities and crafts based on the book.

Seriously, I think it was a fun program. (I just wish that I had time during the program to take more pictures…) But, I’ll let this picture speak for the kids. What do you think?

having fun at reading adventureshaving fun at reading adventures

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