Fly Guy and the Frankenfly by Tedd Arnold

fly guy and the frankenfly

Fly Guy and the Frankenfly
Tedd Arnold
Cartwheel Books, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-545-49328-4
FORMAT: Easy Reader
AGES: Early Elementary School
3 Stars

Buzz and Fly Guy are playing one night. They are walking around acting like Frankenstein monsters. Buzz draws a picture of him as Frankenstein and Fly Guy as a bat friend. Then Buzz goes to bed. But he is woken up by Fly Guy making a Frankenfly monster. The monster goes after Buzz, but Fly Guy turns off the power just in time. Then Buzz falls out of bed and finds out that it is just a dream. Instead Fly Guy was really drawing a picture for Buzz of the two of them being monsters.

My nephew especially loves the Fly Guy books. And I think he was even more pleased than I was that this Frankenfly book came out just before Halloween. Once again the chapters are short. The text is large with a good amount of white space surrounding it. Basically, this is another good easy reader for kids who love Fly Guy. Which is great, seeing how my next Reading Adventures program is going to be all about Fly Guy.

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