Shatterproof by Roland Smith


Roland Smith
Read by David Pittu
ISBN: 978-0-545-43431-7
FORMAT: Audio Book
AGES: 8 to 14
3 Stars

Shatterproof is the fourth book in the “Cahills vs. Vespers” series (a continuation of the “39 Clues” series). In this particular part of the adventure Dan and Amy Cahill (brother and sister) have teamed up with brother duo Atticus and Jake, who are extremely smart and pretty good friends to boot (even if they aren’t part of the extensive Cahill family). Vesper One has captured seven Cahills and is holding them hostage unless Amy and Dan deliver some bizarre ransoms. Stealing a diamond from a museum and finding an ancient apology in Timbuktu being the challenges in this particular story. As with other books in this series, the pace and drama of the adventure are as exciting as ever. Readers will wonder how four teens/kids would even be able to accomplish the deeds that they do. And although there are a few clues as to where the hostages are (and what happens to one of them), readers still are left to wonder if Amy and Dan will be able to save them while trying to figure the greater puzzle of how to stop the Vespers from all their evil plans. Plus David Pittu did a fantastic job of reading this book. Kids will be able to distinguish between different characters (and there are so many) just by the tone and inflections of his voice. Readers will not only enjoy this Cahill adventure, they will want to listen to it all over again.

Book Discussion Questions:
If you could meet one member of the Cahill family, who would you want to meet?
Do you think Ian is as evil as he seems? Why or why not?
Why was the bag with the fake diamond lined with metal? What did the Vesper’s really want?
How were Amy and the rest able to figure out the cryptic messages from Vesper One and actually do what was asked in the ransoms?
What is the significance that one of the hostages were able to escape?
If you were one of the four main characters in Germany and Timbuktu, which one would you want to be? Why?
What did you think of the bonus phone call with Atticus and Jake? Why did their dad not want them to be with Amy and Dan?

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