Great Reads for Girls: Island of the Blue Dolphins

So this past week I did another Great Reads for Girls program. This is the mother/daughter book club for girls ages 8 to 12. And I think it went pretty well if I do say so myself. (All the 29 people that were there had a bunch of fun.)

And I am pretty lucky in that one of my co-workers from another library put this box together for me. (We all make a box and then we share them. That way we can all have these book clubs meet each month, but we only have to organize one set of book discussion questions, one craft, and one everything else.)

First of all we talked about the book The Island of the Blue Dolphins. I told them a little bit about the author and the Native American that the story was based on. Then we had some discussion questions. Because the girls can’t always hear each other, we used the microphone this go-round. I think it went pretty well…and the girls at the end were more than happy to take the mic away and hold it themselves. But we also did one question where they answered it in small groups. That way everyone was able to talk–and the girls who were a bit more shy could talk in smaller groups.

Afterward I gave all the girls some beads.

beads 1

All of them were black, though different shapes except for one dolphin bead.

beads 2

They were able to string the beads together to make a necklace.


I think that all the girls had fun both talking about the book and making a necklace so they could remember their time at Great Reads for Girls.

girl 1

girl 2

girl 3

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