What is the Best Movie Trilogy Ever?

So the teens at my library have put together a Best Movie Trilogy Tournament. They have picked 32 trilogies (they had many more but narrowed it down) and over the next few months will be voting as to which trilogy is the all time best. We have had four matches so far and Lord of the Rings, Austin Powers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Major League have won their rounds the first week. Four more battles will happen next week.

But this got me thinking, what would my favorite movie trilogy be? I think a couple of old roommates can attest to the fact that it would probably be The Lord of the Rings. I think in my secret heart of hearts it made me happy that the Lord of the Rings beat out The Mummy. But there are some big contenders that are going to come up soon. The original Star Wars, Toy Story, Bourne, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are going to be in the running. And, did I mention that I can’t even vote for my favorite because I am not a teen?

The teens want to do some sort of smallish voting bracket after the movie trilogy happens. They suggested best movie by a particular director. I don’t know that they even know who Alfred Hitchcock was. But I think Steven Spielberg or Jim Henson were mentioned. Are there any other great directors I should throw their way?

Too bad Jim Henson never did a Muppet Lord of the Rings. I think Kermit would have made a great Samwise Gamgee.

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