Scarlet by Marissa Meyer


Marissa Meyer
Macmillan Audiobook, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4272-2964-9
FORMAT: Audio Book
AGES: Young Adult
4 Stars

This picks up where Cinder left off (obviously since it is a sequel). But, there is also the bit about Scarlet, a girl from France who is concerned about her grandmother who is missing. The grandmother’s ID chip was removed and all her clothes and belongings are still on the farm where she and Scarlet live. As Cinder escapes from prison and tries to dodge the soldiers and Queen Levana Scarlet meets up with Wolf and tries to find her grandmother. Only, Scarlet doesn’t know the secrets that Wolf is hiding. And once she figures them out, she has no idea if he is who he said he is or who he has become when with the rest of his pack. The two story lines collide when Cinder decides to look for Scarlet’s grandmother (the one who hid her as a child) and heads to France.

This was a great sequel to Cinder. I loved the narrator. She had such great voices, it made me want to meet Iko…just because she said things in such a humorous way. Then there was Scarlet. I loved how she was just as strong of a character as Cinder. And she was a pilot to boot. She was resourceful and spunky and could hold her own (mostly) against a pack of wolves. And even when the secret past of her grandmother surfaced, Scarlet was able to process the information and keep fighting to save those she loved. With the ending of this book, I feel like there is a bit more hope than Cinder. Although that isn’t hard considering how Cinder was thrown in prison at the end of the last book. But now, even though Cinder doesn’t know how to beat Queen Levana, she is starting to figure out how to create a plan. Especially since Prince Kai’s happiness (and life) is now on the line because of Cinder’s prison escape.

I am seriously glad I waited to read this…because I happen to have a galley of Cress waiting for me. But, I think I am going to shoot myself when I then have to wait another year forĀ Winter. *Sigh* these books are so good. Who knew that sci-fi heroes could be spunky teenage girls? And that makes these books all the cooler.

Book Discussion Questions:
Compare the fairy tale of Little Red Ridding Hood with the book Scarlet. What were the similarities? What were the differences?
Why did Scarlet’s grandmother hide so much from everyone? Why did Wolf? What did it do to Scarlet when she found out their secrets? How would you react to finding out those secrets?
What was Scarlet’s reason for Wolf wanting to protect her? Do you agree with her theory? Why or why not.
Although a large part of the story was still Cinder’s, this book is named after and patterned after Scarlet and a majority of it was her story. Did you like this choice? Why or why not?
If you were to become a sci-fi fairy tale character, what would you be? Why? How would it be a sci-fi character?

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  1. Yes, yes, and yes! I’m so glad that you finally read Scarlet, not that you’re not super busy. I’m excited for Cress too and I have to keep telling myself to be patient an read it a little closer to the release date.

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