A to Z Story Time: “A” Week

Well, my fall story times have started once again. Isn’t that just so happy? I know, you all want to come on over to the library and sing the alphabet song with my puppet Freddy and I. And you would be in luck. At my A to Z Story Times you get to sing the alphabet song twice! Once at the beginning of story time when we figure out Freddy’s clues and find out what letter we are talking about. And once at the end when we wave around die-cut letters.

book display

Once again I put out a table full of books for the kids to take home. And I love the letter “A” books because there are so many alphabet books, which are always so fun for me to look at!

match the letters with the objects literacy game

And this is my set up this go-round. Remember how I had this really big screen on my table this last summer when I added digital elements to story time? Yeah, that was totally cumbersome and took up loads of the table. Now our meeting room has a fancy new projector installed into our ceiling, so I just have to plug into a wall and it will show on the screen behind me. Doesn’t that just make you want to do a happy dance? I sure did!


I also have a new cord thanks to my manager. Now that I am really starting to do more with apps that might have music (apps or videos or songs) I have this fancy HDMI cord that hooks up to my iPad thanks to this iPad adapter.

hdmi going into the wall

And straight into the wall. Now I don’t need speakers because the sound goes with the HDMI. Isn’t that just grand! The only thing that could be better is if 1) I had an Apple TV type of thing so I could be wire-less and 2) if the projector didn’t have this annoying message about searching for a signal when I turn the iPad off while doing a non-digital element of story time. I can’t just turn the projector off (too much warm-up time when I go back to the iPad). But I don’t think I have a way to keep the iPad from falling “asleep” when I don’t use it for a bit. So…there are still things to work on. But at least I don’t have to go behind a screen to play with a projector.

animal letters app

So this is the line-up of the three apps I used this story time. My digital literacy game is in the Prezi app. And it can be found at this link:


Also I did the Animal Letters app.

animal letters home screen

Although I couldn’t get a good shot of the “action” bits of the app here is the home page. Basically there are alphabet letters that go around the screen and a voice tells you what letter to find. Then when you find it there is a happy noise and it tells you to find another letter. The kids were excited to do this in story time and had no problem telling me what animal was on the letter we were looking for. (They didn’t know how to describe what moving letter they were talking about without talking about the animals that were on the letter.) Then before I touched the letter so we could move along, we drew the letters in the air (really big, with our whole arms). And, I’m starting to get pretty good at air-drawing letters backwards. I should be in a talent show, I know.

words to a song

I also put the words up to the movement song up on the iPad. This worked out really well since I said I put them all up there so the parents could help me sing. And the parents were actually REALLY singing loud this time. Which was great…since that is why they were there.

Overall, this was a great story time to start the alphabet year off with. And, it just made me happy!

P.S. Yes, I did go and see Maggie Stiefvater yesterday at the King’s English Book Store. However, the person who took my picture with her (that I was going to post on here) took a blurry picture. So, no photo…but it was totally worth it. I love meeting authors! Although I think I always gush just a little too much…

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