A Story Time Science Experiment

So this past summer I started doing some fun science experiments after story time (instead of the craft). And sometimes the science experiment was a craft. But sometimes I just did something they could do.

Anywho…for the “A” story time I wanted to have them look closer at things AROUND them. (Yeah, so I had to stretch just a bit to tie in a science experiment I really wanted to do to work with the letter “A”. But hey, I figure it is more important to do something that you are REALLY excited about doing than to just do something that you and the kids could care less about.)

My little explanation went something like this:

What does it mean to look around you I ask? Well, you have to notice things. Sometimes big things like trees. Sometimes little things. And sometimes it is easier to look at little things when you have one of these…

mag glass

A magnifying glass. Then we talked about what a magnifying glass does.

looking through the mag glass

How it makes things bigger so you can see them better.

mag glass looking at bowl of stuff

Then I provided a bowl of things they could look at. There were more things in the bowl…but this gives you an idea.

eye see you

My favorite thing was that after they looked at objects, most of the kids started walking around trying to see who’s eye was the biggest. I just love it when they get excited about things like this. It makes me happy.

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