Troll LEGO Crew

For September’s LEGO Crew I pulled out this puppet as the theme that would inspire what they built.


Some of the kids weren’t quite sure what this guy was. So I gave them a quick run-down of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and how he was the bad guy. Most of the kids knew that story once I told the quick version of it. After that quick story I told them that they would need to build something that the troll would like. Some kids built houses or cars (so he could catch the billy goats). But most of them built bridges. And had little animals or people that would have to cross them and face a troll of some sort.

And here are some of the brilliant creations that were made in the two programs–one was on Tuesday night one was on Thursday afternoon. (We had to do two programs because we kept having so many that couldn’t come because of the limit of 60 kids in each program. So by adding an afternoon program we could double the amount of kids that would be allowed to come. And it turns out that the afternoon program was way more popular for sign-ups. So, it is something to think about when planning more programs in the future…

So I got side-tracked. Now here are some of the LEGO creations. Really! 😉

cool water

I loved the detail of the water on this one.


One team made a lot of different animals that were trying to cross the bridge as well. Just take a look at this neat fox!

green troll

I loved how on this one the water would slide around under the bridge. There were ducks in the water. The troll was the green guy. And the LEGO people were the ones trying to cross the bridge.

group on the floor

This is to show that LEGOs are for girls as well as boys. Here this team is just starting to plan what they might build.

skull bridge

I thought this bridge looked like it could be in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

thinking and building

Here is another group that is working on their creation. Seriously. I. Love. My. Job.


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