Jessica Rules the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

jessica rules the dark side

Jessica Rules the Dark Side
Beth Fantaskey
Narrated by Katherine Kellgren, Jennifer Ikeda, and Jeff Woodman
3.5 Stars

This is the sequel to Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, a fun paranormal romance about a girl named Jessica who doesn’t know that she is a vampire princess. In this particular book Lucius and Jessica are married and rule as Prince and Princess of all the vampires. However, being a princess is not as easy as Jessica’s best friend Mindy thinks it would be. In fact, someone (or rather some vampire) has gone to quite a lot of trouble to make sure that Lucius is accused of murder and could be destroyed for his actions. That leaves a vulnerable Jessica trying to rule a vampire world that she knows little about and saving the love of her life while at it.

I had read the first book long ago, when there was only the first book. And I have always meant to get around to reading this book. When I discovered that it was an audio book, I was pretty excited to listen to it while driving around town. I loved the three narrators. One did Jessica’s voice, another Mindy’s, and the third did Lucius and Raniero (Mindy’s ex-boyfriend and Lucius’ best-friend vampire). These narrators are quite good. The accents were especially enjoyable to listen to. As for the plot, I was able to figure out what had really happened quite early on, but it didn’t stop me from hanging on all the details. This isn’t quite as funny as Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, but as with any real relationship (or “realistic” fictional vampire relationship) one would hope that there is a more serious and deeper side to the relationship after the fun “get-together” that happens before the wedding. This is a fun read, but readers should make sure they brush up on what happened in the first book before picking this one up.

Book Discussion Questions:
There are three narrators for this audio book. Did you like this choice? Why or why not.
Jessica can’t seem to get being “royal” down, even after months of being married to Lucius. Why do you suppos that is? Give examples to support your opinion.
Many different people were betrayed in this book. Should Jessica have seen the betrayals before they happened? Why or why not?
Being a princess isn’t all that Jessica thought it would be. Has there ever been something that was different than what you thought it would be? What was it? Were you disappointed? Did it turn out to be better than what you thought it would be?
To begin with Mindy is concerned with perceptions. She wants Raniero to look a certain way and act a certain way. She likes to do hair and have designer shoes. Does Mindy change her mind about how important perceptions are? Why or why not?
Which couple is happiest at the end of the book? Explain your opinion.

Recorded Books, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4640-1866-4
FORMAT: Audio Book, Fantasy
AGES: Young Adult

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