Olympics, Will you be my Valentine?

I love the Olympics. I especially love watching the ice skating, the skiing, the speed skating, the snowboarding, the bobsledding, oh wait..I love all Olympic sports! Happy day, the Olympics are in the house!

Ok. Here is my one rant about the Olympics–and it really isn’t about the Olympics itself, just the network that is showing the Olympics. So I don’t love that the tv network decided that it should show the Olympic Opening Ceremonies delayed in my area because…wait…there isn’t a good reason why we watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies 3 hours later. I mean, they are only 5 hours away from my house and we are in the same time zone. So, that part just doesn’t make sense. I guess they wanted our area to watch them a few hours after the rest of the country. I could have driven to the Olympic sights faster than it took for me to watch the opening ceremonies. Then after I finished watching The Great One light the 2nd flame, it was just after midnight and the tv network announcers said that it really wasn’t that late. Only just after 9 p.m. in the Pacific time zone. So…why the 3 hour delay? I still don’t know.

Rant over. Other than the tv network’s dumb decision…I love the Olympics. In fact… Olympics, will you be my Valentine?

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