Reading Adventures: Fly Guy

So for our October edition of Reading Adventures one of my coworkers made a box that our library got to use based on the series of Fly Guy books.

And I will be honest in that I didn’t get very many pictures of this program. (I took some when we started, but then we had so much fun that I forgot to take any pictures of the actual program. *Sigh*)

fly guy books backwards

The first thing that I had were all the various Fly Guy books. I had them backwards on the white board tray. When I needed the K-2nd graders to calm down we read a book. And the quiet kids got to choose the book. Once it was chosen, we turned the book to face forward so we knew it had been done. I also did it this way so they would have to pick based on random colors. Lots of these kids had read Fly Guy books and I wanted them to be surprised as to what they picked…not just pick ones that they had read over and over again. Perhaps next time I would do this the other way where we turn the books backwards once we read them.

Also, that manilla envelope on the tray…do you see it? It was the first clue in a scavenger hunt. The kids had to find different pictures around the room and then bring the clue back. Then they had to race to find the next clue. If they found them all they “saved” Fly Guy.

frankenfly faces

Also we made a monster face, based on the Fly Guy and the Frankenfly book. My coworker had put together loads of faces and had a pile of assorted eyes, noses, ears, etc. to make a fun monster face.

spiders and fly swatters

We also had these flies that were tied to strings and these plastic fly swatters. Kids could tie the flies to the fly swatter and make the game where you try to see how many times you can hit the fly with the fly swatter in a row. The kids really loved this.

flies on strings

But when the flies are this cool and they love Fly Guy, how could they not love this craft project?

tape boxes on the floor

This last thing that we did is what I wish the most that I had more pictures of. I had six boxes that I taped on the floor. Three larger boxes on one side of the room. Three smaller boxes on the other side of the room. Then I had a manilla envelope of lots of cut-up paper with various pictures on them. (Think handfuls upon handfuls of these pictures cut up into different sizes of paper scraps.) There were also alphabet letters in there. The kids were divided into teams and then they had to search for alphabet letters, run them to the smaller box, and then put the alphabet letters in order. They liked this. But because they are still on the younger side of elementary school…some of the kids weren’t quite sure how to work as a team yet. Mostly I don’t mind. I am helping them figure out how to work together. And when all three teams were done we all cheered and said “good job” to everyone. But hopefully they learned just a little bit about how to take turns and work together.

So, that was October’s Reading Adventures. Next month is a “circus” theme…which will be awesome. I can already tell. 🙂

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