We had our Percy Jackson movie party today at the library in honor of the movie coming out on Friday. I spoke with the oracle and found out that I belong to the Poseidon cabin. No wonder I love the color blue! Also, the oracle told me that “You will soon be able to do something that you never thought you could do.” So, watch out world. I can “do something” soon. I wonder if that means I won’t be able to “do nothing.” That would be a bummer.

While we were at the party, some of the kids were making toothpick/gumdrop homes at the station I was working at. They were pretty quite so I started quizzing them on the Greek Gods/Goddesses. I had one boy who kept going to other stations and then would run back to answer my quiz. Who says learning isn’t fun? I guess you just need to read Percy Jackson and life will be one happy quiz.

Too bad there wasn’t time for a toilet paper toga relay! That was the only bummer of the party. Maybe I will wake up and it will be Tuesday again so I can do a do-over with the toilet paper toga relay…hmmm…would it be bad if I randomly do a toilet paper toga on various patrons at the library? Hey teen, you are being loud. Let me toilet paper toga you…

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