Gateway by Sharon Shinn

Daiyu is of Chinese decent but was adopted by an American couple when she was a baby and raised in St. Louis. When on a lunch break while working as a young college intern she meets a vendor at the St. Louis Fair. When she walks through the arch with a talisman she is thrown into a parallel iteration where people are mostly Chinese. Now Daiyu must help save this iteration by trapping a deadly politician who wants to destroy the iteration–and the one that Daiyu has fallen in love with.

I knew I loved Sharon Shinn’s books long before I read this one. And now I have another book to add to my reasons why. The only downside is that the ending leaves a few pieces open (it isn’t such a tidy ending that there is no room for imaginations to play, but it is a solid ending that doesn’t make you crazy–no cliff hangers!) However, I haven’t heard if there will be a sequel…no matter how much I want one. I can only hope that this world will come to print again in another book. Four solid stars. Happy reading!

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