The Young Victoria

Dear Mr. Darcy,

I know in the past I have said that I loved you. But I think that you have a bit of competition–and I think it only fair that I tell you. On Friday last I happened to meet the wonderful Prince Albert of Germany. True, he was in the midst of courting Young Victoria, the Queen of England at the time…but I think he is pulling a little on my heartstrings. First of all, he is a prince. And while you are charming and all…Prince Charming sounds so much better than Mr. Charming. Secondly, he totally saved Queen Victoria’s life. Would you be willing to do that, Mr. Darcy? Would you take a bullet for me? Even if we were arguing that very day about something that made me so angry I couldn’t stand to look at you? Would you still take that bullet? Albert did. Third, would you learn how to waltz just because I loved to? Prince Albert learned how to waltz just because Queen Victoria liked to dance. (And he didn’t like to dance.) What are you willing to do for me just because I would enjoy it? To what lengths would you go to not only make me happy, but to prove your love for me in a small action?

In short, I love you Mr. Darcy. You were my first love. But…I think I might have a crush on Prince Albert. I hope you don’t mind.

With (almost) all my love,


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