Great Reads for Girls October: Sprinkles and Secrets

So for October we had a lot of fun talking about the book Sprinkles and Secrets at our Mother/Daughter book club.

sprinkles and secrets

bat brownies

And because it was October…the brownies that I got for treats were in the shape of bats. (Although you can’t really see them all that well due to me putting them in a trunk. But the treats always look so nice when in this trunk…)

cupcake brownie die

So the book is about this girl who gets offered a part in a brownie commercial. However, her best friend’s family just opened a cupcake shop. And the brownie company is the rival of the cupcake shop. So there is this brownies/cupcake tension. My coworker that put this Great Reads for Girls box together has some fun things, like this brownie/cupcake die. The girls rolled the die to see if a cupcake or a brownie would win the round.

brownies vs cupcakes

Then depending upon which one won on the die the girls would pick a brownie or a cupcake picture (that had a discussion question on the back). Which ever group of questions was gone first won the game. The girls loved this so much that we actually did book discussion questions a lot longer than I thought we would.

cupcake purse

And this is the craft that we made. (Once again, the girls loved what my coworker put together!) Oh, and don’t mind the Babymouse book in the background. That is next month’s book…so I had it around to show everyone.

For this purse there were some pre-cut felt pieces. Two pink frosting bits, two brown cupcake bits. Then tere were some ribbons and sequins. The girls could hot glue or sew their purses. (I was surprised at how many actually really wanted to sew them.)

inside of the purse

As you can see the brown part came up to the top. Which meant that the ribbon could go in between the pink frosting and the brown part to make a handle.

girl 2

The girls seriously loved these!

girls 3 and 4

We just glued the sequins on with regular glue, so the moms could be the only ones that handled the hot glue.

girl 1

I think they all turned out so well. And look at this girl. Do you see that stack of books she is checking out?!? That is one of the many reasons why we do this program! Love it!

book drawing winner

And this time I had a drawing for This Journal Belongs to Ratchet by Nancy J. Cacanaugh that I got at ALA. Oh, and since it was at ALA Nancy J. Cavanaugh was there and signed the book for my Great Reads for Girls group. They LOVED that. (Great book by the way. If you haven’t read it you should check out my review here.) I think there was a happy girl who got to take a book home forever. 🙂 I seriously love my job!

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