Heist Society by Ally Carter

Heist Society

By Ally Carter
Disney Hyperion Books, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4231-1661-5
Format: Young Adult Book
Ages: 12-16 years
3.5 Stars
Kat Bishop is trying to be an average girl in an above average boarding school until she gets caught for something that she didn’t do. When she can’t prove that she didn’t drive the headmaster’s car on a water fountain she gets kicked out of school and sent back to a life she tried to escape from. She doesn’t want to be a professional thief like her family. Yet she finds herself going back to a life of crime when it is the only way to save her father. Now she has to not only outwit a deadly art collector, she has to figure out who would frame her father and just what she can do about it.
This is a fun book with just enough mystery, laughs, and action to keep readers flying through the pages. Kat is a great character who has a conscience even if many of those around her don’t. It is amusing to see her struggle with her emotions as she tries to figure out just what she feels for the cute (and extremely rich) Hale that is there to help her every step of the way. It’s like a fun Mission Impossible book only with art and teenagers. Quite a fun read for an evening at home.
Book Discussion Questions:
Why is everyone so upset that Kat would want a life away from crime?
Why would Kat trust Nick, a guy she just met, when there was so much at stake? Why did Nick decide to go along with the scheme?
How did Hale and Kat start to figure out and/or show their feelings for each other?
Who do you believe Visily Romani is?
Did Kat’s dad really steal the paintings? Did he really do the job in Paris?
Just how does Marcus know what Kat needs before she even asks?

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