Scribbles and Ink: The Contest by Ethan Long

scribbles and ink the contest

Scribbles and Ink: The Contest
Ethan Long
3.5 Stars

This is a fun story about Scribbles (a cat that is drawn with “scribbles”) and Ink (a mouse that is a solid black color, like ink). They are friends. In this particular story Ink finds a flyer that tells about a drawing contest. The contestants must draw a dinosaur…and the deadline is “tomorrow”. However, the winner will get to go to Mudslpash Mountain “the muddiest place on earth!” And with a prize like that, Scribbles and Ink decide they must enter the contest. Scribbles draws first (with a pencil). But the dinosaur doesn’t look quite right. Then Ink draws. But Ink draws an egg (that has a dinosaur inside it). Of course it hatches and thinks that Scribbles and Ink are the “Mommy” (until it sees Scribble’s dinosaur drawing). Knowing that they won’t win the contest with the dinosaurs that they drew, both Scribbles and Ink decide to do something for their friend. Ink draws an award for Scribbles. And Scribbles draws some buckets (that happen to have mud in them) so they can have their very own mud party.

This is a humorous story. I like how the friendship between the two animals is so complimentary. I also enjoy the fact that there is so many references to art in here. Kids might not notice the fact that the names “Scribbles and Ink” complement how these characters are drawn. But they won’t be confused as to which character draws what (Scribbles has a blue pencil and Ink has a red paint on a paint brush). And the fact that things come to life from imagination and a little bit of drawing will entice young readers. This is the type of book to give to readers who have read every single Elephant and Piggy book and are looking for something new. Hopefully Mr. Long will bring about other fun Scribbles and Ink books.

Blue Apple
ISBN: 978-160905351-2
FORMAT: Early Reader/Picture Book
AGES: Preschool, Elementary School

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