Reading Adventures: November

A few weeks ago I had another Reading Adventures program. It is for kids in Kindergarten to 2nd grade. This month’s theme was a Circus theme. One of my great coworkers came up with this circus program box.

choosing what to do next

There were a lot of options of what to do. And because of the nature of my group (and that there was only me in the program) our group did everything together. So I turned over the signs on the floor. Then one of the kids who was being very quiet got to pick one of the yellow cards.

how to choose the next activity

Then we did whatever activity was listed on the card.

bean bags knocking over the circus cans

One of the activities was to knock down the circus cans…

bean bags

with some bean bags.

circus books

We also had some circus books that I read to them.

clown tent

There was also a “circus tent” that they could go into and then come out of and be a “clown” for everyone. We also blew up balloons and made balloon hats that they could wear for this part.

duck pond ring

We also had a duck pond where the kids could try to throw these red rings around the rubber ducks.

duck pond with rings on the ducks

If they got a ring around a duck we clapped extra hard for them.

duck pond

Of course they had to stand back behind a line to throw the rings. And the “water” on the duck pond was really some felt.

lion tamer

We also had a stuffed lion. And a hula hoop that had red and orange netting tied around it. This made our ring of fire that our lion had to jump through.

lion through the fire ring

Here you can see some “lion tamers” that have black capes and have “whips” that are straws with yarn tied to them. Then we had someone hold the “fire” while someone else “helped” the lion jump through the hoop.

photo op

There was also a good “photo op” that proved we were all in the circus.

spin a prize

And we had a “Spin a Prize” activity where the kids could spin to win a prize.

prizes 1

I gave them a circus tattoo if they landed on an even number.

prizes 2

And a circus foam shape if they landed on an odd number.

tight rope walker

I also put down a piece of masking tape to be our “tight rope”.


The kids got to dress up and then see if they could walk on the line without falling off.

All-in-all it was a pretty fun program. Our next Reading Adventures will be in January. 🙂

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