Christmas Books from Past Years that I Liked

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It is that time again. The time when I am starting to pay attention to more Christmas books. But as I am looking at what fun new picture books that I will review over the next little while, I thought I would pull up some of the posts that I wrote on Christmas picture books that I liked in the past. Hopefully this will get me into the spirit of the season so I can tell you all about some more holiday books that I love.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas?
I think this series by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague is one of my favorite picture book series. Mostly because kids love to see what the dinosaurs do. And they don’t want to be like the bad dinosaurs…even though they all can relate to those dinos.

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
Even though most of the new Pete the Cat books are not as good as the first few (I’m wondering if it is because Eric Litwin isn’t part of the creative process anymore), this Pete the Cat is good. And I did like it. Hopefully Eric Litwin will come back on board with this lovable cat character so that I will actually love the stories again as much as the illustrations. But until then I can always enjoy this holiday edition of Pete’s story.

Christmas is Here
If I need to oooh and aahh over another Christmas picture book, I should pull this one out again. I love the words (King James Bible), but the illustrations are really what capture my interest in this one.

Dinosaur vs. Santa
Oh how I love Bob Shea, let me count the ways! Seriously. I just love this little dinosaur and all the fun things that he goes up against. And of course the fun bits of Christmas are just all that exciting. Love it.

Picture Books I Love
Yeah, so I know this one doesn’t really have pictures. But in looking over this list of books…I really do LOVE these Christmas picture books. In fact, I realized that for the past few years I have recommended every single one of these picture books when people ask me about my favorite Christmas books. If you are looking for a good Christmas picture book, you can’t go wrong with this list.

Like I said before, I love picture books. And I love Christmas. So of course I love good Christmas picture books. Now I’m off to find some more that I can tell you all about. Happy Holidays!

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