LEGO Crew November

So for LEGO Crew last week I decided to do a Thanksgiving theme since LEGO Crew was 2 days before Thanksgiving. I told the kiddos that they needed to build a turkey. And I was quite pleased with what they came up with (even though I didn’t really have that many brown LEGOs).

turkey 1

First we had a group that had to get all brown LEGOs.

turkey 2

Then we had a group that went for a nice red color. And they made these amazing turkey feet. I mean…seriously. Look at how cool those feet are! Not to mention the eyes and the beak.

turkey 3

This group also made a giant turkey. And the feet were also impressive. Although my favorite here is the expression on the turkey’s face.

turkey 4

This giant turkey was big enough for a LEGO person to ride on the head. I love how the wings come out.

turkey 5

I think this turkey is one of my favorites. Just look at the feet and the eyes (one black and one blue) and small beak. Plus the red turkey wattle that is hanging down in front. Seriously, this group is smart…they know about turkey wattles! And look how the colored flat LEGOs in back make some turkey feathers. So fun.

eating a turkey

This group made a small turkey and then had a table of people to eat the turkey. Not to mention one of the people is holding an axe to cut the turkey. And we know it is a good turkey since Batman and two storm troopers are going to eat as well.

turkey over a flame

This one made me laugh. It is a turkey that is on a rotisserie over some orange and red “flames”. Yeah, this turkey is being cooked for Thanksgiving dinner. Seriously creative. Oh how I love LEGO Crew, let me count the ways. 🙂

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