The Hidden Gallery by Maryrose Wood

hidden gallery

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Hidden Gallery
Maryrose Wood
Read by Katherine Kellgren
3.5 stars

Miss Penelope Lumley has her hands full once again. Even though the children were entirely provoked at the Christmas party, Lady Ashton still believes that the Incorrigible Children are more trouble than they are worth. In an attempt to get out of the house (and to meet a friend in London) Miss Lumley suggests that she and the children take a trip to London. Only Lady Ashton has decided that she must go on a trip to London. And suddenly everything is all that more complicated. Miss Lumley tries to guide the children’s education as they learn all about the big city. But now she is sure that whatever caused the chaos at the Christmas party might have some darker motives concerning the children. For “the hunt is on” and Miss Lumley is pretty sure that the “hunt” will be for the children. And with full moons and mysterious howlings that come from someone other than the children…London turns out to be even more exciting than Miss Lumley has anticipated.

This is another fun story of the Incorrigible Children. However, I must confess that I think I like these books mostly because I love Miss Lumley. She is just such a dear and a trooper. And the mystery of who sabotaged the Christmas party is nothing compared to the mystery surrounding the hidden gallery. And there just might be werewolves involved in this story. All-in-all I liked the story but am now wanting more than ever to find out what is happening and who is after those Incorrigible Children. Good thing book three is ready and waiting for me to read. Although if the answers don’t come in that one, I will be ever so grateful when book four comes out later this month. As for the reading, it was great. I loved the voices and the subtle snarkiness that was given in the tone of the reading. And the way that Ms. Kellgren gave voice to Miss Lumley had me laugh out loud at parts. Even though the loose-ends of the wolfish mystery have me nearly tearing my hair out, I so enjoyed myself by listening to this audio recording that I nearly forgot to be annoyed at not actually finding anything out about the original mystery when instead I just had more of a mystery to puzzle over. This book and audio recording were seriously loads of fun. (Although I often wish the children’s howling/talk was just a bit louder. Sometimes it was tricky to hear while driving in my car.)

Book Discussion Questions:
Why was Miss Lumley given that particular guidebook? Why do you suppose someone tried to steal it?
Compare and contrast Lady Ashton to Miss Lumley. Why are they so different? How are they the same?
In this particular book the three children are told “the hunt is on”. What do you think is meant by this?
What do you think was wrong with Lord Ashton? Why do you suspect that?
Do you think the Judge is a villain? Why or why not?
If you were writing a postcard to Nutsawoo, what would you write about? Why?

Listening Library, Books on Tape, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-307-91700-3
FORMAT: Audio Book
AGES: Elementary School

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