When Charley Met Grampa by Amy Hest

when charley met grampa

When Charley Met Grampa
Amy Hest
illustrated by Helen Oxenbury
3 stars

Henry writes a letter to his Grampa telling him all about his new dog named Charley. Henry also asks when Grampa will next come to visit. Grampa writes Henry back informing him when he will arrive at the train station and that he isn’t sure if he likes dogs. Finally the day of Grampa’s visit arrives. Henry and Charley head to the train station to wait for Grampa. Charley does playful doggy things while waiting. Eventually Grampa’s train comes. Grampa still isn’t sure about the dog. On the way back to Henry’s house Grampa’s hat blows away with the wind and snow. Charley rescues it. Soon Grampa realizes that he and Charley will be good friends after all. This is a sweet story that shows the concern one grandchild has for his grandpa and his dog to get along. There are fun pictures on most of the pages of text showing the playful nature of Charley. There are also large illustrations that showcase Henry, Charley and Grampa’s personalities and their small little story. This is a cozy story for those who love their pets or who enjoy the small conflicts of losing a hat in the wind. Plus, with all the snow that is blowing around, the story reminds us how family and pets can keep our hearts warm.

Candlewick Press, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-7636-5314-9 FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: Preschool

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