Antelope Slot Canyon

For the Thanksgiving holiday my sisters and I went on a little bit of a road trip. This was our first stop, Antelope Slot Canyon near Page, Arizona. Check out what we saw.

slot canyon 1

This is one of the most photographed slot canyons around. And as you can see I tried my hand at taking a shot or two.

slot canyon 2

This one is the “heart” of the slot canyon. Can you see it? Maybe turn your head sideways if you can’t see it just yet.

slot canyon 3

I will say that it was pretty tricky trying to actually take pictures of the beautiful canyon with so little light. I should have brought the tripod (which I borrowed). Mostly I should probably get my own tripod.

slot canyon 4

So this is a “million dollar shot” in that supposedly a guy came here once and took this picture and then sold the print for a million dollars. Pretty cool, eh? Too bad I didn’t actually take this picture. Our tour guide “borrowed” my camera and took the picture to show us what “shot” was worth a million. (Totally wish I could take credit for this one though.)

slot canyon 5

I can honestly say that the more I travel around the world, the more I can say that there are a million different types of beauty. And this is one beautiful place.


Here are my sisters and I at the end of our canyon tour.

three tall

And another so you can get a small idea of just how tall the Antelope Slot Canyon is. (Even though this picture happens to be a bit overexposed…) More of our trip will come. 🙂

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