Horseshoe Bend of the Grand Canyon

The last time I saw the Grand Canyon was so long ago that I actually don’t remember it.  Apparently I got chicken pox just before or after (or during) the trip. But…I just couldn’t say that I actually remembered going to see the Grand Canyon. Until now.

horseshoe me

Look, here I am at my first glimpse of the the Grand Canyon. So I have proof that I have seen (again) the Grand Canyon and that I remember it.

horseshoe 1

In case you need a little perspective, here is a picture of my sister standing somewhat near the edge of the Grand Canyon. And you can’t really see the vast drop, but trust me it is quite the drop.

horseshoe 2

And I really like this picture of my other sister. So you get to see this one too.


This is in a place called Horseshoe Bend. Which I totally get seeing how the Colorado River goes around a huge bend. And it was totally beautiful. There was a little bit of a trek to get to where you could see this. But it was totally worth it. I was a little surprised that there weren’t any railings or anything. People could just fall off if they weren’t careful. Oh, and do you see that little bluish dot on the right side of the river? That is a boat. With people in it. That’s right. People. As in more than one. Just in case you want a little more perspective on the grand scale of this beautiful wonder of the world.

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