The Grand Canyon

I wanted to show you some more pictures of where we went on our Thanksgiving trip. Not only did we see part of the Grand Canyon when we went to Horseshoe Bend, we also went to the Grand Canyon National Park. Which was pretty awesome. Let me show you.

grand canyon fog

This was our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon while in the National Park. And there was an inversion. It is apparently pretty rare, and it was quite large in that it filled the whole canyon. So we were pretty lucky. What with the snow on the ground and the fog, it was very pretty…even if it meant we couldn’t actually see the bottom of the canyon.

grand canyon watch tower

This is the old watch tower by where the inversion happened.

grand canyon watch tower 2

I thought the old structure was pretty interesting.

grand canyon

Luckily we also were able to see the Grand Canyon without the inversion. Which means we got the best of both worlds. I know it is called “grand” for a reason. But seriously, do you see the people in the above picture? That just gives you a tiny perspective of how HUGE this “Grand Canyon” really is. It is crazy-big.

grand canyon rock

And beautiful. Seriously beautiful. And to think that wind and water and whatnot made it. Totally amazing.

grand canyon girls

And so much fun to see.

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