Taking Pictures at Night

So while near Death Valley we wanted to try taking some pictures of the night sky. Especially since there aren’t any big cities nearby, so it would be great with very little light pollution. Granted, I am not a great photographer. And night photography is super hard (as I am learning). However, you can see some of my attempts at night photography. Which is kindof fun to try.

night photography 1

This was me taking a picture of my sister who was holding a flashlight.

night photography 2

This is a picture of Orion, my favorite constellation.

night photography 3

I just liked the red light pollution on this one.

night photography 4

This one has the big dipper.

night photography 6

And then I have a picture I took of my sister. I like how you can see the stars and the light movement behind her.

night photography 7

And here is a blurry picture of my car. I liked the shot, but will have to work on the execution of the concept of this one. But hey, now that I have started playing with night photography…hopefully I will get to try it again. And next time I will know a bit more as to what to try.

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