Are you a Stripe or a Polka Dot Quiz

For Summer Reading at my Library we are having the kids on two teams. Each team tries to read more books than the other team. This year the teams are Stripes and Polka Dots–so I made this quiz. Now, the kids are not being put on teams based on this quiz…but it was fun to make anyway!

So here is YOUR challenge: Take the quiz then post what you are. (And let me know if you agree or not!) You can then guess what I am. 😉 This should be fun—so don’t think too hard about each question!

Are you a Stripe or a Polka Dot?

1. Do you like

A) Brownies or B) Pies

2. Do you prefer
A) Four square or B) Tether ball

3. Do you like
A) Jump ropes or B) Balls

4. Do you enjoy
A) Chocolate bars or B) M&Ms

5. Do you like
A) Sponge Bob Square Pants or B) Mr. Happy

6. Would you rather chew
A) A stick of gum or B) A gumball

7. Would you rather ride a
A) Roller Coaster or B) Merry-go-Round

8. Would you rather eat a
A) Hotdog or B) Hamburger

9. Do you prefer
A) Zippers or B) Buttons

10. Do you enjoy
A) Popsicles or B) Snow cones

If you have more A answers: You are a Stripe!
You are Focused, Adventurous, Creative, and Brave!

If you have more B answers: You are a Polka Dot!
You are Bouncy, Complete, Inclusive, and Bubbly!

If you have equal A and B answers: You are a Target!
(A Polka Dot with a Stripe around it!)
You are Balanced, Open, Flexible, and Spunky!

8 thoughts on “Are you a Stripe or a Polka Dot Quiz

  1. It looks like I’m a target. I would agree with this. I don’t think being either a stripe or polka dot completely fits me.

    Also, I’ll go out on a limb and say you’re a target as well.

  2. I am proud to say that I am a stripe with borderline polka dot tendencies. Almost the best of both worlds…even though I would like to have a popsicle in one hand and a snow cone in the other on these hot washington days! 😉

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