Elephant Picture Books

I like picture books with elephants. Probably because I really like elephants. And I have discovered two new picture books that have elephants in them. So I thought I would put together a list of some of my favorite elephant picture books (and include the two new ones that I found). Enjoy!

Elephant’s Story by Tracey Campbell Pearson

elephant's story

This is a book about an elephant that finds Gracie’s lost book (her favorite book mind you). But when elephant went to sniff it…all the words went up elephant’s trunk. Elephant asks various animals to help him put the letters back in the book. But it isn’t until Gracie comes and explains that the letters make the words that elephant and Gracie are able to fix everything.

Elmer and Snake by David McKeee

elmer and snake

I LOVE this new book. It is another Elmer book. But in this one some of Elmer’s friends want to play a trick on him. And so they go and ask Snake for advice as to how to play the joke. Snake tells them what to do, but then goes and tells Elmer what is happening and what Elmer should do in return. Soon we find out that Snake has played a trick on everyone. Just a fun story. It seriously has make me laugh out loud more than once. 🙂

Peanut by Linas Alsenas


I love this book. And I have loved reading it in my “E” story time over the years. It is about this little old lady that finds a pet dog (really the baby elephant). The “dog” loves peanuts, so that is what she names him. The “dog” isn’t very good at doing some doggy things…but there are some things that Peanut is especially good at (squashing cereal boxes). Of course the circus is missing a baby elephant…and eventually Peanut goes back to his real home. And the lady is sad. But soon she finds another “pet” and the kids enjoy a good laugh at the end of the story.

Quick, Slow, Mango! by Anik McGrory

quick slow mango

This is one of those sweet stories that you want to read to a little one while you are cuddling with them. Baby elephant wants to go slow. The monkey up in the tree wants to go quickly. Mama elephant just wants to find breakfast for her and baby elephant. And luckily, everything works out so that everyone is happy.

What to Do If an Elephant Stands on Your Food by Michelle Robinson pictures by Peter H. Reynolds

what to do if an elephant stands on your foot

This is a story that is quite funny for kids who have started to learn about consequences to read. The narrator (who is fun to find in the illustrations) tells you what not to do when an elephant stands on your foot. Of course the brave explorer does just what shouldn’t be done, and there are hilarious results that happen. And the chain reaction of what not to do that is always done is quite fun to watch young kids read about. (Never mind the fact that on a real safari they most likely would never, ever happen!)

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