How I Made Elephant Ears and an Elephant Trunk

So in my family we do this thing called Gag Gifts. Basically this is where we give each other themed gifts (this year the theme was Dr. Seuss) that are funny. The person getting the gift isn’t really supposed to want the gift. It is just to make everyone laugh. It is better explained by my sisters here. However, I wanted to explain how I made my Gag Gift. I was in charge of giving a gift to my dad…and he sometimes has a hard time hearing. So I made Horton Hearing Aids.

whole elephant project

This is what they look like. However, due to the fact that I made these just before I gave them away…this photo shows them a little squashed (aka a little loved and well-used after having been given and worn).

elephant ear shape

Basically I cut out two elephant ear shapes on grey card stock. Then I cut out two pink shapes that were a little smaller. For both of these I cut them out right sides of the paper facing together. That way they were the same on both sides.

elephant ear taped on

Then I cut out some grey paper and made a headband. Then I taped the elephant ears to either side of the headband. I also reinforced the back with extra card stock so the ears wouldn’t flap back against the head (which made them stick out just right).

elephant trunk taped on

Then I cut a few strips of grey paper. I taped two strips to the headband as the base for my trunk. Then I taped various sizes of circle loops of grey paper to those two strips.

elephant ears

Like so.

elephant trunk squashed

I did this all the way down to the end where the smallest loop was. (And again remember that in this picture the Elephant Ears and Elephant Trunk were a wee bit squashed!)

elephant grandpa and elephant kid

Anyway, I think my dad liked them. And my nephew who happened to be wearing an elephant shirt he got at the Gag Gift exchange this year.

elephant dad

If I ever need to make an “elephant costume” I am totally doing this again. It was just so, so easy to make!

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