Library Activity for Outreach Visits

My coworker and I had the opportunity to go to a literacy night at a school a little bit ago.

library set up

Of course we did the usual library display with loads of book lists and information.

seuss photo booth

And look at the fun things the school did. This was the “photo booth” with The Cat in the Hat.

seuss activities

There were all kinds of activities that the school put together, and these fun trees on the left were all over the gym and hallways.

draw a character

And they even had a place where kids could draw their own Dr. Seuss character. It was just a fun atmosphere to be in.

We wanted to have a fun activity that worked for multiple grades (so we wouldn’t just be the “boring” library table).

color bowls and tweezers

So we used my color counting bears and bowls that I got from Utah Idaho School Supply. And then there were these great alligator tweezers that we also had. Then we had kids see if they could pick up their color of bears with the tweezers (only using one hand) and put them in the bowl. Whoever got the most bears in their bowl at the end of 60 seconds was the winner. The winners only got bragging rights…but all the kids who participated could get a Dr. Seuss book mark that we had. I took loads of pictures of this…but then realized that a short video might explain what we did a bit better.


Also, if it was slow we let the kids do a second challenge where we timed them to see how fast they could sort all of the bears into the correct color bowls. Not as many kids got to do this, but those that did were very proud of their times.

And here are some of the times.

best times

All in all I think it was a successful night!

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