A to Z Story Time: I & J Week

This year I have to squish some of my letters into one story time. This year I had “I” and “J” become friends. (Mostly so that the “L” week would be the week of Valentine’s Day so I could do “love” stories.)

i and j story time set up

So here was the set up for last week’s story time.

freddy with i and j

Here is Freddy with his fun die cut letters that all the kiddos get as well (then they get to wave them around when we sing the ABC song).

books for i and j story time

And here are the books I read. Interrupting Chicken (I for Interrupting), Jump! (J for Jump), and Can You Make a Scary Face? (I for Insect…I know, it was a stretch…but I love that book so much!).

wham bam ram jump jiggle jam

Because I had two “I” books I wanted to read, I thought it only fair that the prezi literacy game had to do with the letter “j”, my favorite letter. And yes, I know that a ram isn’t anything that starts with the letter “j”, but I really wanted to point out the rhymes and I loved doing the refrain. In fact this is what I did while saying this: “The Wham [put my hands above my head], Bam [put my hands out to either side] Ram’s [put my hands down by my knees] Jump [jump up with hands above my head], Jiggle [jiggle my hands out to the sides], Jam [bounce while having my hands down by my knees]!

ram wiggle giggle jiggle

Then I put up slides like this and asked according to the rhymes, which one should that ram do?

everybody jiggle

When they said the correct response, I had a slide come up that told everyone what to do. In this case I had them “jiggle” [with their hands out to the sides] three times.

ram gram maam jam

I also did rhymes that worked for the other things.

ram bump stump jump

All in all, I think that this story time went pretty well.

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