App I Used in Story Time for “K” Week

Every now and again I have an app that I use in story time. And this time I used one that the kids really liked. It is an app called “Animals” by Minti Kids. (I totally forgot to get a screen shot of what the app looks like though.)

cow head koala body

But this is what the game looks like. It goes through an intro that says all the animals have gotten mixed up and we need to “help” the animals get back to normal. Here we have been asked to help the Koala. Of course the top and bottom don’t match, so we have to swipe things around to find the correct animal tops and bottoms of whatever animal they asked us to help (in this case for the Koala).

wrong animal cow not koala

One other thing that I happen to like about this app is that if “we” picked to swipe the wrong thing and make a different animal (in this case the cow) the program reminds us with words and a picture of just what we are looking for.


So we can “help” the animals and save the day. Huzzah for fun apps!

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