A to Z Story Time: L Week

This past week at story time was “L” week. Huzzah!

l books

And these are the books that I read. This was also the week of Valentines…so of course the last book was all about LOVE. 🙂

l story time set up

And of course I have a literacy game that I put together. Of course being “L” week I wanted to throw in something that celebrated the word “library” in the literacy game.

lilly organize

So I told the kids that I needed their help in organizing things.

lilly language letters library

So we had Lilly the Librarian and the kiddos got to help her organize things.

which is first l m n o

So I asked the kids to figure out what letter would come first out of the four given letters. Of course I didn’t want to have it be the first four letters of the alphabet (because that would be too easy).

which is first l

And that way the letter “L” could be the answer. 🙂

which is first 4 5 6 7

The next round I did numbers.

which is last

And then back to letters–although I switched things up so that they had to figure out the last letter. So we sang the alphabet song again and waited until we sang all the letters on the screen.

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