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I think that stories are so fun. I was up for over an hour last night. I was in bed…but I was thinking of a story that is begging me to write. (And am dying to get Sheila the details…once I write them down…) So, in hopes that I will write little story snippets…I am starting a Sunday Story. However, seeing how I am also into storytelling and family history. Sometimes the story will be a family story, not one from my imagination. 😉 I really like those too!

So, I am telling you this so that you will all bug me until I write the story that has kept me up all night this week…so it can be a Sunday Story next week. But until then, here is the story about my nickname. I think it is a fun story…and it just shows how much of a princess I really am! 😉 My mom helped me write this paragraph for a grad school project a few years ago…but here it is for all of you! Enjoy!

I have always been fascinated by any Cinderella story. It all started when I was four-years-old and saw the Disney movie Cinderella. While sitting on my mother’s lap, she asked, “Do you like it?” I answered, “Yes, but where’s ME?” It took awhile, but my mom finally figured out that I thought we were going to see the movie “Cinjoella.” Ever since that moment, my nickname has been “Cinjoella.” I now collect books, decorations, and jewelry. Although my love of the story started with a child’s misunderstanding, I also love the story because Cinderella’s dreams came true. No matter how old I am, I still love the idea of being as good as you can and being rewarded for it—although Prince Charming and the huge amount of romance is definitely a plus!

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