A to Z Story Time: M Week

freddy with an m

This was a fun week in story time! (Who couldn’t love letter “m” week? There are so many fun “m” things to talk about!)

m books

In fact we did a moose book, a mouse book, and a mountain book. And I had a hard time picking just exactly what I would do because there were so many fun subjects.

punctuation mischief

For the literacy game I decided to play off of the word “mischief” (mostly because I think it is fun). I also wanted to let the kids know that the punctuation at the end of the words is also important.

punctuation is missing

So of course I had to have the punctuation run away so that we could figure out what went where.

ma me mi mo mu

I also wanted to make sure that the kids had some chant to repeat. Mostly because if they start to get lost while in the literacy game they can keep coming back to the chant that I teach, so they will always do something correctly.


So I asked what we would do to make those particular words a question. Then I said the sentence as if I were putting an exclamation mark behind it, a period behind it, and a question mark behind it. (I also really exaggerated the way I was saying it and had the kids repeat it with me.)

question mark

I’ll admit that asking what would make the sentence a question and then telling them one option is a question mark might make it too easy for the kids…but I think they should feel like sometimes things are easy. And not all the kids got the big clue that I gave them. But I still think it was good they figured out what those funny marks at the end of the words might have to do with reading.


The next thing we were looking for was something to make an exclamation.


And then that tricky statement.

m in hair

I think the kids had fun. Especially this cute little girl who wanted to put her letter “m” that she got somewhere safe. Did I tell you I love my job yet? I mean, when you work with these cute kids, how could you not? 🙂

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