Abe’s Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln by Doreen Rappaport illustrated by Kadir Nelson

I tried to get this posted yesterday, on Lincoln’s 200th birthday…but things were a bit crazy yesterday. [Let’s just say that getting my wire off my teeth for a teeth cleaning and then getting it put back on again really rocks a schedule when you have a million other things to do! ;]

Anyway, this is an AMAZING picture book about Abraham Lincoln. Mostly it is a biography about what Lincoln did. But then with almost every page there is a quote from Lincoln himself. These quotes are powerful on their own, but pair it with some biographical information and Nelson’s [he did We Are the Ship] amazing illustrations, then you have a GREAT story! I loved looking at all the quotes and the pictures. I think I could look at this book over and over again and still not feel love and gratitude for this wonderful American Hero.

5 golden stars. Happy Birthday, Abe!

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